Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

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Reap the benefits of thoughtful and customized programming to reach your strength and cardiovascular conditioning goals. You may be a beginner or returning to S&C after a long break. Whether you're hitting a plateau in your training or you simply want an outside perspective, we'll work together to achieve heights of fitness that will surprise you.

In-Person Training

Clients may choose to have an in-person consultation and fitness assessment, along with custom programming and 8 personal training sessions. 

Online Coaching

Either due to travel constraints or personal preference, clients may choose to fill out a questionnaire online and submit their fitness assessment scores. They'll receive a customized training program and are expected to check-in weekly for 10 weeks, via email to report on their training using a template that'll be provided. 

After we establish your history and assess your current level of fitness I'll design a training program that will stimulate both gains in strength and improve your cardiovascular output. I believe all forms of fitness must be progressive and therefore never ending. We start with your own personal profile as the programming foundation and build a unique and potent means for transformation. Programs such as: Westside Barbell Conjugate, Hatch, Wendell, 5 x 5; as well as conditioning methods such as: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Tabata are just a few methods I draw from to formulate a challenging and progressive cross training experience for you. 

Strength & Conditioning:
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