Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

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Adopting new behavior, food and perspective can be daunting to some. Many have tried numerous DIY strategies and failed, so I've evolved my practice to include a guided process for sustainable change. In this package you can expect to work with me for 12 weeks either in person or online. Elements are:

  • Nutrition Consulting
    • food quality shopping
    • Portion size and macronutrient planning 
    • refrigerator makeover
    • education in food absorption and hormonal pathways
    • Optional: guided dietary approach to balancing your qi

Just a few of the things my clients are saying about their nutrition coaching: 

"I'm noticing positive changes in my body and am really excited. I even bought two cute skirts yesterday because my legs are toning up nicely. Woot!"  - Shannon B. Portland, OR

"Since making some simple changes to my diet and having Kimberly to cheer me on, I put on another 10 pounds of muscle over the summer, and got my first strict and kipping muscle-ups." John K. - Washington D.C.

"Feel 100% better eating more and more "real" foods. I think in two weeks there will be a big difference in my body. Currently I've seen the most difference in the weight on my hips. I had some extra stuff there!"  

- Kate W. Albany, NY


Nutrition Coaching:
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