Lifestyle Coaching & Wellness

Lifestyle Coaching & Wellness

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"Health is the key to happiness.", right? Sure.  Yet many of us have had that moment in our lives where we pause, take a look around and realize that we're not very healthy.  

Wellness is a privilege that you have to earn. By cultivating a lifestyle that supports your body, mind and spirit one can achieve a truly incredible state of being. Adopting new behavior, food and perspective can be daunting to some, so I've evolved my practice to include a guided process for sustainable change. In this wellness package you can expect:

Nutrition Consulting

Food quality shopping

Refrigerator makeover

Education in food absorption and hormonal pathways

Guided dietary approach to balancing qi

Stress Management

Create space in your life for rest, recovery and exercise.

Exercise Plan

Learn steps in designing your own workout schedule. I'll also provide you with some simple exercises to get you started. 

Video Library

Access my video library for demonstrations on proper movement and instruction ranging from basic to advanced exercises. 

Lifestyle Coaching: