BS. Biology, Public Health Focus, Cornell University

Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Certification, Pending

After four years as a nutrition educator and as a contributing author in curriculum design for HIV/ AIDS affected populations in east Africa, I felt like I had a handle on good nutrition. Yet despite my science and public health background, I couldn't figure out how to make my own transition from an intermediate to advanced athlete. If I hadn't discovered performance nutrition, I know I'd still be spinning my wheels today.

As I delved deeper into nutrition I was introduced to Chinese medicine and its application. Able to draw from both Western and Eastern approaches I apply their key principles to each unique client profile, eliciting profound and lasting transformations within my client base. Through my journey in sports nutrition I've gained two great mentors and have learned how fuel my clients for building lean muscle mass; improve their performance and achieve an overall sense of wellness and balance.


Nutrition Coaching

Adopting new behavior, food and perspective can be daunting to some. Many have tried numerous DIY strategies and failed, so I've evolved my practice to include a guided process for sustainable change. In this package you can expect to work with me for 12 weeks either in person or online. Elements are:

  • Nutrition Consulting
    • Food quality shopping
    • Portion size and macronutrient planning 
    • Refrigerator makeover
    • Education in food absorption and hormonal pathways
    • Optional: guided dietary approach to balancing your qi through Chinese Medicine