Workshop - Wu Xing 

Introduction to Qi Gong

Nourishing Foundation

In this workshop we will begin by focusing on postural alignment, stretching and conditioning to better prepare the body for studying the internal art of Qi Gong. Basic movements and fundamental breathing principles will also be introduced to help students understand how to efficiently control both their body mass and energetic center during Wu Xing or "five element" exercises.

Date: March 12th

Time: 1-3pm

Location: Embodied, 7 Main Street, Montpelier VT 05602

Intensive - Wu Dao Yin

Wu Dao Yin

Purging and Clearing

The Wu Dao Yin are used a potent purification process by helping the body to shed stagnant energetic pathogens. By opening the joints and encouraging a strong flow of qi along the length of the meridians the Dao Yin  direct negative qi out of the body. During this process energies of the spine begin to flow and internal force increases. Participants can expect to walk away from this course invigorated and a little lighter than they walked in.

Date: Saturday, April 8th

Time: 1-4pm

Location: Embodied, 7 Main Street, Montpelier VT 05602

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Workshop - Dragon Dao Yin

Dragon Dao Yin

Waking The Dragon

The Dragon Dao Yin are a physically challenging set of exercises designed to preserve ones health. By stretching and twisting open the spine we gain access to energy gates that exist between the vertebrae. As more space is created, pathogens stuck between the bones can escape the body and allow for a healthy and efficient flow of qi. Attendees can expect a creative and exhilarating experience.

Date: TBA

Location: Zen Barn, 179 Guptil Road, Waterbury Center VT 05677

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