Inspired by movement, the establishment of Moving Arts Academy is more than a resource for losing a few extra pounds or becoming a competitive athlete, although both endeavors are absolutely fine. That's how my path began. My enthusiasm for health, nutrition, and fitness evolved into personal ambition, one that strives to achieve a unique integration of skills by which to build the entire being.

Gradually I've assembled a body of knowledge that continues to grow and take shape. Here we strive to improve the human experience by means of training awareness, strength and self-healing to then uncover individual intuition and power. It's through this progression that we build upon the physical in order to elevate the consciousness and eventually the spirit. It's about creating a dialog across disciplines in movement of both the external and internal kind. It's where art, science and philosophy meet to confer and relate with the intent to support the whole person.

This is by no means a fusion of disparate bodies of knowledge or art forms. In fact as both a student and instructor of several disciplines I encourage the study of each separately in order to understand how one movement or principle in a given study can translate to another facet of another distinct study. Each experience is layered on top of another, building the body and mind until an advanced level of integration can occur naturally.

Be it improved body mechanics, qi gong or nei gong instruction, nutrition goals or fitness training, we have the experience and skill set to optimize your transformation. Whether you're a remote client with access to my instructional video library or you're trading fist bumps with me in the gym, I apply the same dedication and focus to help you reach your goals.

I use a variety of methods to form an integrated approach by which to build the entire being. From barbells to bodyweight movements, nutrition to meditation, we'll work to achieve heights in fitness that will surprise you.

Here you can connect with me to get personal instruction and online coaching, as well as register for my course intensives and view articles of interest.  


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